Aashay Sanghvi

About Me

I am currently a rising senior at Harvard College studying Social Studies and Computer Science. I work at Notation Capital in Brooklyn, NY. Previously, I've been lucky enough to spend time with the wonderful teams at New Enterprise Associates, Breather, Stem, and Tallwave. I often write my opinions on the Internet and private technology markets through Breakdowns, a publication I created. From an academic perspective, I enjoy learning about the history of capitalism in America, cultural theory, behavioral economics, and human-computer interaction.

What am I interested in?

Right now, I'm particularly interested in software and Internet companies working on:

  • Office Furniture: The industry is incredibly opaque and unnecessarily marked up
  • Cloud Clinics: Direct-to-consumer health companies that make medication easier to access and understandable
  • Modular Hardware: Plug and play solutions that make durable goods, robotics, and pre-fab home development scalable
  • Enterprise Labor Marketplaces: Supply chain consultants and investment bankers are among a few areas where this is interesting
  • Vertical Banking Platforms: Savings + checking accounts, lending, and vendor management all in one place for medicine, real estate, CPG, etc.
  • Passive Income Tools: Make affiliate money by showcasing what's in your apartment or wallet
  • Business Insurance: Rethink underwriting practices using APIs and data
  • Hyper Targeted FinTech Products: Consumer campaigns, product design, and private-label partnerships under one roof
  • Trading Pricing Quotes: Enterprise SaaS deals, pharmaceutical wholesale purchases, etc. Bring transparency to the supply chain


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